Movement to Declassify 9/11 Information Gathers Momentum ... 9/11 Commission Chairs and Congressmen Call for Declassification »

The 9/11 Commission Co-Chairs - Lee Hamilton and Thomas Kean - have called for the 28-page section of the 9/11 Commission Report which is classified to be declassified. Kean said that 60-70% of what was classified shouldn't have been classified in the…

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Libya May Be Focus Of Major Rift Between US And Regional Allies »

Lambert here: I was glad to see this article, because while Ukraine, Syria and Iraq and ISIS and the Kurds, along with Israel and Gaza dominated the news, we also kept reading odd stories from Libya — like Egyptian and UAE warplanes bombing the airport…

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More Mindless Sanctions? Merkel a Liar or a Fool? »

As the tide in the Ukraine civil war turns, the EU threatens Russia with more mindless sanctions.Bloomberg reports EU Vows More Russia…

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Corporations Join Droves Renouncing US Citizenship »

Submitted by Nick Giambruno via Casey Research's International Man blog, Don’t be surprised to lose if you don’t make an effort at…

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A Rare Glimpse Inside The NY Fed's Favorite 'Quote-Stuffing' Hedge Fund: Citadel »

As regular readers are well aware, when it comes to "more than arms length" equity market intervention in New Normal markets, the…

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Recovery? 3 "Uncomfortable Truth" Charts »

Presented with little comment aside to suggest one scratch beneath the thinning veneer of record nominal stock prices every once in…

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French President Says "There Is Risk Of War" As Europe Plans Additional Russia Sanctions »

For months Europe had thought that mere verbal (and hollow) threats, populist posturing and propaganda would be enough to force Russia's Putin to back off and withdraw from the endless Ukraine escalation, into a Kremlin cocoon with his tail between his legs. What they didn't…

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US Foreign Policy Then & Now (In 1 Cartoon) »

What a difference a year makes...     Source: KAL via The Economist

Aug 31 2014 / Read More »

Taupe: It’s Not Just For The Oval Office Anymore »

Submitted by Mark St.Cyr, Whether it’s politics or business one thing remains the same: if you are designated or perceived as the leader, everything you say or do is viewed with an eye searching for obvious…

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20,000 Pakistan Riot Police Unleash Tear Gas, Rubber Bullets As Protesters Breach PM's Residence, 230 Injured

UPDATE: *POLICE, PROTESTERS CLASH IN ISLAMABAD; AT LEAST 230 HURT: AFP Against the background we initialliy explained here, and the escalation we discussed here, Imran Khan's "Pakistan Spring" has grown…

Aug 30 2014 / Read More »

It's Settled: Central Banks Trade S&P500 Futures

Based on the unprecedented collapse in trading volumes of cash products over the past 6 years, one thing has become clear: retail, and increasingly, institutional investors and traders are gone, probably…

Aug 30 2014 / Read More »

Oh The Irony...

Amazing crap coming from this man.DOHA (Reuters) - Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah said terrorism would soon spread to Europe and the United States unless it is quickly dealt with in the Middle East, the…

Aug 30 2014 / Read More »

If Consumers Are So Confident, Then Why Aren't They Spending?

Submitted by Jim Quinn of The Burning Platform If Consumers Are So F%#king Confident Why Aren't They Spending?   The sheep have been told their confidence is at a 7 year high by the propaganda peddlers…

Aug 30 2014 / Read More »
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