This Age of Derp »

We are not having a real discussion.

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"We Have Everything Under Control" »

Phew... what a relief...     Source: Investors via The Burning Platform

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Our New Robot Overlords & The Third Type Of Capital »

Submitted by Charles Hugh-Smith of OfTwoMinds blog, Fortune will instead favor a third group: those who can innovate and create new…

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Prepare For GDP Downgrades: Eurasian Snow Flashes Polar Vortex 2.0 Warning »

Just when you thought it was safe to believe in escape velocity GDP growth for the US economy... the weather ruins the party. As Bloomberg…

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Sunday Reading from the Archives »

Edward Hopper, Early Sunday Morning, 1930“Then I need say no more,” said Celeborn. “But do not despise the lore that has come down…

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How to link Australian iron with Marine le Pen »

After last week’s tumultuous markets one of my clients sent me an email saying “I am so relieved your constant talk about worsening…

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Nonperforming Spanish Loans Near All-Time High as Overall Credit Shrinks »

Huky Guru posted a couple of interesting charts on his blog today about shrinking credit but rising percentage of nonperforming Spanish bank loans: NPLs of banks rebounded to 16.59%. Seven points higher than in the 1994 crisis.Spanish Bank Shrinking CreditNonperforming LoansThe…

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After Golfing, Obama Holds Late Ebola Meeting - Guess Who Missed It (Again)! »

Given the pressure to act and apparent urgency to calm the public over the Ebola pandemic, it is likely no surprise to hear that President Obama decided to play a quick round of golf (for 5 hours) Saturday morning before arranging a late evening meeting convening "members of…

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The world’s greatest stock picker? Bet you sold Apple and Google a long time ago. »

The world’s greatest stock picker? Bet you sold Apple and Google a long time ago. John Mauldin October 8, 2014       My good friend Barry Ritholtz, famous for launching The Big Picture blog (and since graduating to being a regular Bloomberg columnist as well as writing a weekly…

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Sweden Deploys Army, Air Force, Navy Near Stockholm Over Reported Damaged Russian Sub; Moscow Denies »

Over the weekend, while the world was focusing on the threat of Ebola contagion in the US and around the globe, Sweden's otherwise sleepy capital Stockholm found itself the location of a blitz military…

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Why The Argentinean Situation Should Make You Buy Gold

There hasn’t been anything but bad news coming from Argentina lately as the peso continues to drop against the US Dollar. This leads to an unbearable situation for both the main actors on the political…

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How will Saudi Arabia respond to lower oil prices?

Oil prices (along with prices of many other commodities) have fallen dramatically since last summer. Some observers are waiting to see if Saudi Arabia responds with significant cutbacks in production.…

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Reading The Road Map To A Police State

Submitted by Aaron Tao via Ludwig von Mises Institute, Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America's Police Forces, by Radley Balko, PublicAffairs, 2013 "There is no crueler tyranny than that…

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