The Destructive Effect of Getting a Permission Slip from the CBO in the Politics of Health Care »

Why what ObamaCare's CBO score turned out to be was the wrong question to ask.

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ECB, Euro, USD, Interest Rates »

ECB, Euro, USD, Interest Rates David R. Kotok Cumberland, January 24, 2015     After a two-and-a-half-year wait for “whatever it takes,” the quantitative easing (QE) announced this week by the European Central Bank (ECB) is different from the QE undertaken…

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Getting Out of Our Lanes: Understanding Discrimination in the Digital Economy »

How digital surveillance reinforces socioeconomic hierarchies.

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Education Moment: The Man with 26 Million Students »

Zach Sims, a college dropout founded Codecademy, a website which enables users to learn six popular programming languages, via a simple…

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David Stockman: Woodrow Wilson's War & Why The Entire 20th Century Was A Mistake »

Submitted by David Stockman via Contra Corner blog, The Epochal Consequences Of Woodrow Wilson’s War Remarks by David Stockman Committee for…

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"Cheerful" Dutch Financier Becomes 4th ABN Amro Banker Suicide »

Following the deaths of 36 bankers last year, 2015 has got off to an inauspicious start with the reported suicide of Chris Van Eeghen…

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Get Ready For Negative Interest Rates In The US »

With Fed mouthpiece Jon Hilsenrath warning - in no lesser status-quo narrative-deliverer than The Wall Street Journal - that The ECB's actions (and pre-emptive collapse in the EUR) means the U.S. economy must deal with a rapidly strengthening dollar that will make American goods…

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Quasi-Stylized Facts about Employment after Troughs »

Reader rtd writes: “…it is virtually guaranteed that after a nation’s business cycle trough, that same nation’s employment growth will display an upward trend”, but when asked about the euro area, argues “The Eurozone is a conglomerate of nations with varying fiscal policies,…

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Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee: Kevin Hart »

Source: Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee

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The US-Saudi Relationship (Summed Up In 1 Cartoon) »

With President Obama shunning Bibi and cutting short his India trip (along with Michelle) to meet new Saudi Arabian King Salman (dementia and all), we thought this cartoon summed up the relationship between…

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How Mario Draghi Unleashed A $1.4 Trillion Negative Interest Rate Tsunami

Once upon a time, everyone was shocked when one after another central bank adopted what previously was unthinkable: a Zero Interest Rate Policy, or ZIRP. Then, on June 5, the ECB added "awe" to the equation…

Jan 25 2015 / Read More »

FiRST We TaKe MaNHaTTaN...

.       . .     . .   .   . .   . . .       . .       . .       ..     . .       . .     . .     . . . The Kleptocrat torture's proceedingThe Euro debt zombies are bleedingThe core holds the…

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Forecasting is Marketing . . .

It’s time to market forecasters to admit the errors of their ways Barry Ritholtz Washington Post, January 18, 2015     I come not to praise forecasters but to bury them. After lo these many years of listening…

Jan 24 2015 / Read More »
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