"It's Different This Time?" What Happened To US Oil Drillers During The Last Price War »

History may not repeat but it rhymes so loud sometimes that Einstein would be rolling in his repetitively insane grave. As Bloomberg notes, the last time that U.S. oil drillers got caught up in a price war orchestrated by Saudi Arabia, it ended badly…

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Timeline of Media Scare Stories »

This is fascinating stuff; more on this next week.   Click for an interactive chart. Source: Information is Beautiful

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Spot The Turkey - Live Feed »

Some folks are not going to be beheaded today...     President Obama is due to pardon the turkeys at 215pmET...   Also ironic on…

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2:00PM Water Cooler 11/26/14 »

Today's Water Cooler: Ferguson and Occupy, Hillary Clinton's listening tour, oil industry PowerPoint deck, Shakespeare folio found.

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3 Things Worth Thinking About »

Submitted by Lance Roberts of STA Wealth Management, Data And Surveys Continue To Part Company Last Friday, I discussed the growing…

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Google vs. Sun vs. France: Too Big, Too Powerful, Too Free »

I happen to like the sun. By definition, the earth would not even be a planet without the sun. No one on earth would be alive without…

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"This Is Madness" »

Despite near-record Treasury short speculative-positioning, 30Y Treasury yields just hit a 2.93% handle - in line with the yield at the Bullard lows in mid-October. The S&P 500 is 200 points higher... Discuss...   The S&P 500 is now trading 200 points rich to Treasury markets…

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The Vendetta Continues: Ackman's Latest Herbalife Deathwish And Other Observations - The Full Q3 Letter »

For those who care what Bill Ackman has been thinking and doing lately, aside from colluding with and piggybacking on desperate for M&A "strategics" to go activist, and buying a boatload of calls in advance of announcing a material, market-moving position and in the process…

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Misery Mounts As Airline Delays & Cancellations Surge On East Coast »

As of 1220ET, 505 flights have been cancelled in the US today (and 1,731 additional flights are subject to delays) as airlines both pre-emptively and reactively prepare for the worst case nor'easter due to hit the East Coast any hour now. Chicago O'Hare is subject to the most…

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Global Gold Demand Will Overwhelm the Manipulators »

    Nathan McDonald for Sprott Money     Precious metals have taken a horrible beating over the past month. They were suppressed to levels not seen since 2010. The result of this price depression was…

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Something to be thankful for: the US government has finally stopped holding back the recovery

It’s no secret that spending cuts (and tax hikes) have retarded America’s growth for the past four years. But data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis suggests that the era of austerity may finally have…

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"It's All Good, Right?"

After GDP 'beat' yesterday in all its statistical instability, today was a disastrous data daya for the Fed's "everything is awesome" meme... Mortgage Applications -4.3% Durable Goods Ex-Transports MISS…

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California Housing Market Cracks in Two, Top End Goes Crazy

Wolf Richter   www.wolfstreet.com   www.amazon.com/author/wolfrichter That the housing market is seriously twisted is apparent by the mortgage conundrum: despite historically low mortgage rates of around…

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Bill Black: The New York Times Thinks Jailing Banksters Would Cause a “Bind”

Yves here. Bill Black continues to heap well-deserved scorn on efforts to defend New York Fed president William Dudley's revealing performance in Senate testimony last week. In its efforts to pretend…

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