Meanwhile, The French Are Revolting... »

Amid record unemployment, even recorder youth unemployment, and politicians willingly breaking EU treaties (with apparently no consequences), it appears - just as in the US - police brutality in France was the straw that broke 'Le Camel's back. As RT…

Nov 1 2014 / Read More »

The BoJ Jumps The Monetary Shark - Now The Machines, Madmen And Morons Are Raging »

Submitted by David Stockman via Contra Corner blog, This is just plain sick. Hardly a day after the greatest central bank fraudster of all time, Maestro Greenspan, confessed that QE has not helped the main street economy and jobs, the lunatics at the BOJ…

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"The Most Important Chart For Investors" Flashback, And Why USDJPY 120 Is Now Coming Fast »

Back in late September, we posted what Albert Edwards thought at the time was "The Most Important Chart For Investors" which was quite…

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"Troubling Trend" NATO Warns Russian Military Aircraft Incursions Worst Since Cold War »

Over the last 2 days, more than two dozen Russian military aircraft, in four groups, were tracked and intercepted conducting aerial…

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"Who Do You Trust?" »

Submitted by Ben Hunt of Salient Partners' Epsilon Theory blog,   Seek not the favor of the multitude; it is seldom got by honest…

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Write-Offs: 10.31.14 »

$$$ “One reporter publicly confirmed that a CEO of a top 5 bank personally emailed him the lurid details of the lawsuit, and we also…

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Meet "Rolling Jubilee" - The Group Buying & Tearing-Up Student Loans »

An offshoot of 'Occupy Wall Street' is taking the $1.2 trillion student loan bubble, debt servitude dilemma of America's youth into its own hands... bit by tiny bit. As The BBC reports, activist group 'Rolling Jubilee' wants to "liberate debtors" by buying student-debt-bundled…

Oct 31 2014 / Read More »

Gold Falls, Stocks Record Highs as Japan Goes ‘Weimar’, “Here Be Dragons” »

Stocks globally surged, while gold fell sharply today despite renewed irrational exuberance on hopes that the Bank of Japan’s vastly increasing money printing will fill some of the gaps left by the apparent end of Federal Reserve bond buying.  The BOJ decided to increase the…

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5 Things To Ponder: "Spooky" Things »

Submitted by Lance Roberts of STA Wealth Management, I love this time of year, in particular it is the festivities surrounding one of the biggest commercial shopping days of the year - Halloween. According to Wikipedia: "Halloween, or Hallowe'en, is a contraction of "All Hallows'…

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Could Non-Citizens Determine the Outcome of the Midterm Elections? »

Here's the question of the day: Could Non-Citizens Determine the Outcome of the Midterm Elections? Some elections, especially for Senate are so close, the unfortunate answer is "yes" as the following…

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Prepare for the Global Corporate State of Facebook?

In the dystopian movie Rollerball, all the world is ruled by one giant corporate state “controlling access to all transport, luxury, housing, communication, and food on a global basis.” Thanks to popular…

Oct 31 2014 / Read More »

Saxobank CIO Warns USDJPY Could Hit 135 On "One Trick Pony" BoJ Desperation

Via Saxobank CIO and Chief Economist Steen Jakobsen, The Bank of Japan has increased the targeted monetary base from JPY 60-70 trillion to JPY 80 trillion an increase of 25-35% and an almost desperate…

Oct 31 2014 / Read More »

The Day The Market Crashed - The Sequel

Via Joe Saluzzi and Sal Arnuk of Themis Trading,   In August 2013, the Nasdaq SIP  broke and trading in Nasdaq stocks was halted for 3 hours. Yesterday, at 1:07 PM ET, the NYSE SIP broke but trading…

Oct 31 2014 / Read More »
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