Time Inc. Honors “Throwback Thursday” By Acquiring MySpace »

Sorry, Friendster, it was another "hard pass."

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Boeing Stock Nose-Dives On News Of SEC Probe »

Just when you thought The BoJ would save the day with its miraculous intervention in carry trades, this happens: *BOEING SAID TO FACE SEC PROBE OF DREAMLINER AND 747 ACCOUNTING And just like that, Boeing's stocks crashes 10% dragging the major US equity…

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S&P 500.... »

Just a little birdie whispering for you, but there's a very nice 1600 target that appears to be greatly increasing in the probability…

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Why Markets Are Crashing: "Faith In Central Banks Fails" »

While Citigroup's Eric Lee thinks its "ridiculous" to talk fo a US recession, it appears the macro data and markets would strongly…

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Saudi Arabia Makes "Final" Decision To Send Troops To Syria As US, Russia Spar Over Aleppo Strikes »

As you might have heard, the opposition in Syria is in serious trouble. Last summer, Bashar al-Assad’s army was on the ropes, as the…

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Venture Capital in 2015: At A Glance »

Source: Visual Capitalist The post Venture Capital in 2015: At A Glance appeared first on The Big Picture.

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A(nother) Question For Bernie Sanders Supporters.. »

So you like Bernie's "Medicare for all" proposals, right?  No more high health insurance bills, no more of the nonsense that you're going through now -- including, if you're young, paying a lot of money for (probably) nothing.Just like you love Bernie's college plans, right?Ok,…

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WTI Crude Pumps'n'Dumps Back To $26 Handle After Saudi Headlines »

In a replay of yesterday's idiotic opening action, WTI crude spiked on Saudi troops headlines - running stops to yesterday's close - only to dump back below $27 once again...  

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Yellen Explains To The Senate Why She Isn't "Dovish Enough" - Live Webcast »

Following remarks that are identical to those from yesterday, today Yellen will conclude her semi-annual testimony, this time by presenting her vision about the economy and the path of future rate hikes to the Senate Banking Committee. Surprises, if any, will come during the…

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The ad density on both platforms (Facebook and Twitter) has gone parabolic over just the last few days.What is this telling you?  Good question, but increased density has the potential to drive off users.Will…

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Treasury Bears Briefly Rescued After Massive Short Squeeze Collapses Yields

2Y yields crashed 10bps overnight - the biggest plunge in yields since September's FOMC fold on rate-hikes. The rest of the Treasury bond complex also saw yields crash with 10Y flash-crashing 20bps -…

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Initial Claims Drop But Goldman Warns "Recent Jobless Increase Is More Than Just Noise"

Initial jobless claims dropped notably last week (from 285 to 269k) but the overall trend (away from the noise) appears in tact. The smoother4-week average remains near 12-month highs and as Goldman notes…

Feb 11 2016 / Read More »

Markets Around The World Are Crashing; Gold Soars

Yesterday morning, when musing on the day's key event namely Yellen's congressional testimony, we dismissed the most recent bout of European bank euphoria which we said "will be brief if not validated…

Feb 11 2016 / Read More »
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