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Elsewhere on Thursday, - The Neo-Fisherite rebellion. - The rise of the ‘super’ working class. - In economics, something is not thought or known until the right person says it. - Phantom bubbles at FiveThiryEight.Continue reading: Further reading

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Further, further, further Piketty »

For those who haven’t yet reached Piketty saturation point… here’s Stiglitz. Krugman and Durlauf in discussion with Piketty at the Graduate Center, CUNY, last Wednesday. Continue reading: Further, further, further Piketty

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Corrupting Piketty in the 21st Century »

Like all reformation efforts in the discipline, Piketty (and fellow students of inequality) will be met by fierce internal opposition,…

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The 6am London Cut »

Markets: Asian equities trading was mixed, with Japanese markets retreating as earnings season kicks off. Big names including Canon,…

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Groupthink Or Black Swan Rising? Not A Single 'Economist' Expects An Economic Downturn »

Submitted by Pater Tenebrarum of Acting-Man blog, A 100% Consensus This doesn't happen very often.  Marketwatch reports that Jim Bianco…

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#MyNYPD... »

. Actually, it is their NYPD, not ours.

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Hoisington On The End Of The Fed's (Mythical) "Wealth Effect" »

Authored by Lacy Hunt and Van Hoisington of Hoisington Investment Management, Hoisington Investment Management – Quarterly Review and Outlook, First Quarter 2014 Optimism at the FOMC The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) has continuously been overly optimistic regarding its…

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Behavioral Investing/Economics Blogs? »

  I am working on a new project, and I wanted to know what your favorite blogs or resources are for Behavioral Economics, Neuro-Science, and the Psychology of investing. Thoughts? Post a comment, or email me at TheBigPicture at Optonline dot net   Here are a few I have been…

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Audio: Mark Thornton Discusses ‘The Bastiat Reader’ »

From the 2014 AERC: At the Authors’ Forum this year, Mark Thornton discussed the origins and scope of The Bastiat Reader a new collection of Bastiat’s writings to become widely available later this year. Full audio here.  See also The Bastiat Collection.

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Thomas Piketty's "Sensational" New Book »

Submitted by Hunter Lewis via The Mises Economic blog, This 42 year economist from French academe has written a hot new book: Capital in the Twenty-First Century. The US edition has been published by…

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60% Of China's Water "Too Polluted To Drink"

Forget bank-runs, the water run has begun in China. Residents of the western city of Lanzhou rushed to buy mineral water earlier this month after local tap water was found to contain excessive levels…

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Write-Offs: 04.23.14

$$$ Ackman Left Trail as He Built Allergan Stake $$$ Facebook first-quarter revenue grows 72 percent on rising mobile ads [Reuters] $$$ “I love Coke, I love the management, I love the directors, so I…

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Facebook Beats But CFO Leaving

Moments ago Facebook reported its GAAP and non-GAAP results (a very important distinction). Here is the Non-GAAP (i.e., we enjoy keeping our head in the sand) summary: Q1 revenue $2.5 billion, beats…

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