Oil Industry About To Be Burned Again By Fall In Oil Prices »

Easy access to capital has driven oil prices lower and is likely to do again as E&P’s directly invest in more rigs ahead of demand.

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Trump And The End Of NATO? »

Submitted by Finian Cunningham via Strategic-Culture.org, If Donald Trump is elected US president it will spell the end of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. At least, that’s how a phalanx of US foreign policy pundits and establishment figures see…

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FirstFT – Fed open to rate rise, the death knell of US globalism and the perils of a sedentary lifestyle »

Sign up to receive FirstFT by email here The Federal Reserve held open the prospect of a second increase in interest rates this year…

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Further reading »

Elsewhere on Thursday, - The Trump-Putin fallacy. - A case for the Fed to sell some bonds. - “The fact that people are once again…

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The Law Of The Jungle Is Far Superior To The Ideology Of Globalism »

Submitted by Brandon Smith via Alt-Market.com, In 1991 George Bush Sr., in at least two separate speeches, announced an active geopolitical…

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“Elect a Sane, Competent President” »

Michael R. Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York City, is the founder and majority owner of Bloomberg LP, the parent company of…

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"Short Everything That Guy Has Touched" - San Fran's Lending Standards Put The Last Housing Bubble To Shame »

A perfect storm of low interest rates and a booming tech economy, which has pumped out an endless number of tech millionaires rewarded for amazing ideas like the ability to morph one's face with a squirrel, have culminated in a substantial housing bubble in Silicon Valley and…

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Bernie Supporters Boo, Chant "No More Wars" As Leon Panetta Pitches Hillary's War Credentials »

Former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta reinforced Hillary Clinton's position as a warmonger in his speech at the Democratic National Convention tonight. Amid various jabs at Donald Trump, Panetta exclaimed the danger of "withdrawal" of American forces from the world and the…

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Richard Koo: If Helicopter Money Succeeds, It Will Lead To 1,500% Inflation »

After today's uneventful Fed announcement, all eyes turn to the BOJ where many anticipate some form of "helicopter money" is about to be unveiled in Japan by the world's most experimental central bank. However, as Nomura's Richard Koo warns, central banks may get much more…

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"Real, Imminent Threat" That Next World War Will Be Initiated By First Strike EMP Weapon »

Submitted by Jeremiah Johnson (nom de plume of retired Green Beret, US Army Special Forces (Airborne)) via SHTFPlan.com, There has been a tremendous amount of technological interchange between North Korea,…

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China Unveils 'Pokemon Go Danger' Public Service Announcement

Following reports of an Ohio man shot three times and robbed of his phone while playing 'Pokemon Go', it seemed appropriate to share China's latest Public Service Announcement... Chinese news channel…

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Opening Bell: 7.27.16

Goldman is sued in U.S. over merger linked to Malaysia's 1MDB; Dan Loeb had a nice little first half; Man leaves clothes in pub as he goes to get cash; and more.

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How the U.S. is headed for a complete societal collapse! The most important film of all time!

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