Bill Still: Pre-Debate Assessment »

My comment: I don't know that I agree with much of this but.... it's an interesting perspective..

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Fed Admits Economy Can't Function Without Bubbles »

In short, the dot-com bust was the last chance for the Fed to pivot and liberate the American economy from the corrosive financialization…

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Dan Loeb Is A Pretty Swell Guy: Dan Loeb »

Anyone suggesting otherwise can just back the hell off.

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HotForex 50% Bonus

"The Worldwide Credit Boom Is Over, Now Comes The Tidal Wave Of Global Deflation" »

Submitted by David Stockman via Contra Corner blog, If you want a cogent metaphor for the central bank enabled crack-up boom now underway on a global basis, look no further than today’s scheduled chapter 11 filling of met coal supplier Alpha Natural Resources (ANRZ). After becoming…

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Bonus Watch ’15: Wells Fargo Junior Bankers »

The youngest members of Team Wells are said to be pleased.

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Despite VIX Flash-Crash, Stocks Slammed As Crude Crashes To 5-Month Lows »

"We got this..." Right up until around 55 seconds in the following clip... China was ugly...   And Greece crashed 30% at the open...   An early bounce and the ubiquitous pre-EU close ramp both failed to hold stocks which had an ugly day... notice the dump after Europ closed…

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First Default By U.S. Commonwealth In History: Puerto Rico Fails To Make Required Debt Payment »

Over the weekend Puerto Rico was supposed to make a modest principal and interest payment of some $58 million due on Public Finance Corp. bonds, which however few expected would be satisfied. As a reminder,…

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From the Mailbag: On Japan and the Yen

By Chris at I've received a lot of responses to my thoughts on Japan from the post questioning Kyle Bass' thesis on Japan earlier this week. I've taken two which I'd like to…

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"No Brainer" AAPL Enters Correction, Down 12% From Recent Highs To 6-Month Lows

Having broken its 200DMA earlier this morning, selling pressure has continued in the "as goes AAPL, so goes the US economy market" stock. Now down almost 12% from earnings exuberance, AAPL is in correction…

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