Julian Robertson: "Janet Yellen Has Created A Serious Bubble And Pain Is Coming" »

Discussing the present and future of the embattled hedge fund industry, Tiger Management's Julian Robertson - one of the most prominent names in the field - said that hedge funds are facing "the most difficult time I've ever seen in the business" his…

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Treasury Sells 7Y Paper In Another Mediocre, Tailing Auction; Bond Market Yawns »

The first hint we had coming into today's auction that it would be weaker than some recent issuance for this maturity, was thanks to the repo rate for 7Y paper, which earlier this morning was quoted at 0.6%, suggesting that unlike this week's 2 and 5Y…

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Why Better Wages Are Tied to Healthcare Costs »

Real, or inflation-adjusted, compensation has risen 61 percent since 1970; wages, on the other hand, have increased less than 3 percent…

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"Russian Roulette" - Credit Suisse CEO Admits "EU Banks Not Really Investable" »

European banks are in a “very fragile situation” and are “not really investable as a sector" according to Credit Suisse chief executive…

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Incoming! »

The Senate has voted overwhelmingly to override President Obama's veto of the state-accountability terrorism bill (which will permit…

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Obama Humiliated: Senate Overrides President's Veto Of "Sept 11" Bill In Crushing 97-1 Vote »

Late last Friday, we reported that in a troubling development for all Americans, Barack Obama sided with Saudi Arabia when he vetoed the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act , better known as the "Sept 11" bill, allowing Americans to sue Saudi Arabia over its involvement…

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Citi Has One Unpleasant Chart For Anyone Thinking Of Buying Twitter »

With rumors swirling that Twitter may be acquired at any moment, with such suitor names thrown out as Disney, Salesforce, and even Google, overnight Citigroup released a scathing report explaining why a Twitter acquisition would be a bad idea. As the bank's Jason Bazinet, who…

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Yahoo email capture »

As a yahoo email user, we can testify to the fact that being continuously told by friends and family that: "hey there, I think you're email may have been hacked" was good enough of an incentive to defect to an alternative provider. Continue reading: Yahoo email capture

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Everybody Else Is Reading This »

This Debate Is Hillary Clinton’s Kobayashi Maru — And Her Only Option Is Annihilation Above The Law Appeals Court Tosses Antitrust Judgment Against American Express How Appealing Will Digital Health’s…

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All This Market Calm Feels Like Mayhem

This is the most difficult, treacherous and damnable investing environment there’s ever been. As Bloomberg's Richard Breslow retorts, that’s what you hear on an almost daily basis. And certainly in monthly…

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The euro crisis and the French Revolution

There are lots of good reasons to study history, but perhaps the best is to avoid being misled by people who claim to have “learned the lessons” from the past when they don’t actually know what they’re…

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Why Study Economics?

Why Study Economics? Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer Howard University, Washington, D.C. September 27, 2016       I am very pleased to visit today with the students and faculty of the Howard University…

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