U.S. Officials: MH17 Missile May Have Been Launched By a “Defector from The Ukrainian Military Who Was Trained To Use Similar Missile Systems” »

Yves here. I wanted to add this short post as an indicator of the lack of definitive knowledge (at least among those who are being candid with the media) as to critical details as to how the MH17 was destroyed, in particular ones that would give a definitive…

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More Details on Our San Francisco Meetup, Wednesday July 30 »

Let us know if you are coming to our meetup in San Francisco so we can make a reservation!

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Further reading »

Elsewhere on Wednesday, - Senate literary critics don’t like fictional derivatives. - The history of autocorrect and why Word couldn’t…

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The 6am London Cut »

Markets: Asia-Pacific equities climbed to fresh six-year highs as investors continued to place geopolitical concerns on the back burner.…

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"Is College Worth It?" - Here Is The Fed's Answer In One Chart »

The topic of whether college is worth it (costs vs benefits) has been discussed at length (here, here, and here most recently) but…

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The Stealing Of America By The Cops, The Courts, The Corporations And Congress »

Submitted by John Whitehead via The Rutherford Institute, “What the government is good at is collecting taxes, taking away your freedoms…

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Cows Versus Bulls »

In yet another example of central planners not comprehending the unintended consequences of their actions, Glenn Stevens - head of the Reserve Bank of Australia - commented last night on the curious lack of animal spirits holding back the global economic recovery. As Bloomberg's…

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Poroshenko Demands Ukraine Separatists Be Declared "Terrorists" Under International Law »

As the tit-for-tat public relations blitz continues to play out, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has demanded that the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) and Luhansk People's Republic (LPR) be recognized as terrorist organizations, "so that any cooperation…

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After Bubble Pops, Saudi Arabia Opens Stock Market To Foreign "Greater Fool" Investors »

Shortly after we highlighted the utter ridiculousness of the bubble frenzy in Dubai stocks (30x IPO oversubscription for a firm that did not exist), the Dubai General Financial Markets Index tumbled 30% popping an epic 250% rally since The Fed started QE3. It seems Saudi Arabia…

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"No Perry Mason Moment": US Intelligence Admits "No Direct Evidence Linking Russia to MH17" »

Earlier today, and several times recently, I received emails accusing me of being a Russian spy and asking me how much I was receiving from RT. I find such accusations highly amusing. Here's the deal:…

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Whi(t)ney Tilson Does It Again

After an incredible day in Herbalife - its best performance ever - following Bill Ackman's "death blow," none other than Whitney Tilson (who oddly has not been seen on CNBC for many months) has penned…

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Venezuela's Transformation To Socialist Utopia Is Nearly Complete As Its Factories Grind To A Halt

Venezuela's transformation to a socialist utopia has been well-documented on these pages. Recall: Venezuela Bolivar Devalues 89% in Start of New FX Market Venezuela Devalues Bolivar By Another 44% For…

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10 Tuesday PM Reads

My afternoon train reads: • Why Europe May Gain the Edge for Investors (NY Times) • Alpha Addict: The Amazing Career of Leon Cooperman (CNBC) • When Beliefs and Facts Collide (NY Times) • Do optimists…

Jul 22 2014 / Read More »
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