Decouple-apalooza - Bonds, Yen, Oil, Dollar Diverge From Volumeless Stock Levitation »

Waiting For Yellen...   Let's start today with what didn't go up... USDJPY - once 110.000 stops had been run - decoupled lower from stocks...   Oil - once it tagged $50 - decoupled lower from stocks...   High yields bonds decoupled from stocks...…

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It's Over: Even MSNBC Turns On Hillary - "Stop Lying, Stop Digging" »

To say that Hillary did not react properly to the damning State Department Inspector General report which yesterday found that she broke numerous government rules by setting up her own email server, would be a gruesome understatement. As a reminder,…

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This Is How Much Your Health Insurance Payment Is About To Jump By »

It's official: years of warnings that Obamacare will lead to dramatic increases in healthcare premiums are about to be validated.…

May 26 2016 / Read More »

Wells Fargo Reintroduces 3% Down Mortgages »

In the wake of its recent $1.2 billion settlement with the government, whereby Wells Fargo admitted to deceiving the government into…

May 26 2016 / Read More »

Windy City’s Wealthiest Man Still Making It Rain »

Ken Griffin is still able to put food on the table (his and everyone other person in the state of Illinois).

May 26 2016 / Read More »

Peak Idiocracy? Students Demand End To Midterms, Abolish Grades 'C' Or Below »

Students on liberal arts college campuses may have just jumped the shark for special-snowflakedness. As The Week reports, students…

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Donald Trump Unveils "Make American Energy Great Again" Plan - Live Feed »

Donald Trump will head to the heart of America’s oil and gas boom on Thursday to unveil details of his policies on energy and the environment. As NYTimes reports, speaking at an oil industry conference in Bismarck, N.D., Mr. Trump is expected to embrace standard Republican calls…

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The Fed Has A Problem: Inflation May Hit 3.5% By December Due To Gas Price "Base Effect" »

One of the officially stated reasons why the Fed delayed hiking rates so far, is because inflation in late 2015 and early 2016 has been lower than the Fed's bogey (as long as one does not look at core inflation, or such critical price levels as asking rents and health insurance).…

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Plunging Personal Income Tax Revenues Slam State Budgets In April »

This April, personal income tax revenue fell by an average of 9.88 percent compared to the same period last year in the 32 states for which Reuters has data (Puerto Rico as well). April is the most important revenue month for states because it contains the tax filing deadline…

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How Reproducible is Alpha? »

Is alpha, the Wall Street term for market-beating returns, sustainable? Or is it a unique, statistical outlier, indistinguishable from random chance? I have been thinking about this a lot, lately. The…

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Is Gold a Commodity?

Submitted by James Turk at   Here’s a question that might have you pondering: Is gold a commodity? More importantly, are we doing a disservice to the gold industry by calling gold a commodity?…

May 26 2016 / Read More »

Is the atomic weight of cobalt 58.9?

It is. And is the connection between China Molybdenum and Freeport, one of Africa’s largest copper mines — which it bought for $2.7bn earlier this month — also something to do with cobalt? It surely is…

May 26 2016 / Read More »
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