Randy Wray: Rising Tides Lift All Yachts – Why the 1% Grabs all the Gains From Growth »

Yes, the rich, and particularly the 1%, are getting richer. It's the result of rewriting the rules in their favor.

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10 Thursday AM Reads »

My morning train reads: • Job Woes Linger in 29 States as U.S. Recovers Unevenly (Bloomberg) see also Jobs, Outliers, and Elections (Statistical Ideas) • A NYC Wealth Management Firm Created A Super Cheap Way For Young People To Get Professional Investment…

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Opening Bell: 10.02.14 »

Gross Exit Gets Tongues Wagging Around Pimco’s Hometown (Bloomberg) In Newport Beach, a town of 87,000 where the median household…

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Mario Draghi's "All Talk" ECB Press Conference - Live Feed »

We look forward to more jawboning, more promises, and more hope that fiscal policymakers enact reforms as ECB chief Mario Draghi explains…

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American Ebola News Wrap: Up To 80 Potential Cases In Texas, 1 In Hawaii »

Despite promises by all asunder that any Ebola epidemic in America will be "contained" the dreadful news this morning appears to confirm…

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The Game Is Afoot »

Ah, those subsidies....A federal judge in Oklahoma ruled that those receiving Obamacare through the federal insurance exchange aren’t…

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Deutsche Bank Asks: "Are We Understanding More About How Addicted Markets Have Been To QE" »

Two months ago, we warned that Deutsche Bank "raised the warning flag", when its strategist Jim Reid, referring to the infamous chart showing the correlation of the Fed's balance sheet and the S&P 500 said: The risk sell-off we've seen in recent weeks frustrates us a little…

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ECB Keeps Rates Unchanged »

Unlike last month, when in an act of futility and desperation, the ECB pushed NIRP into NIRPer territory, this time the ex-Goldmanite in charge of Europe's money printer decided not to antagonize Germany further, and to do nothing. From the ECB: At today’s meeting, which…

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Frontrunning: October 2 »

As we warned in May 2013... Gross Exposes $42 Trillion Bond Market’s Key Flaw in Exit (BBG).... hint: no liquidity WTI Crude Slips Below $90 for First Time in 17 Months (BBG) Traders Thank Fed for Once-in-Decade Surge in Profit (BBG) Islamic State committing 'staggering' crimes…

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Reminder: We’re coming to D.C. October 15-16th »

A quick reminder that later this month, myself and some staffers will be visiting clients and prospective clients in the Washington, D.C. area. Some of you are familiar with our investing philosophy,…

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Anti-Vaccination -- Irrational Or Something Else?

An OpEd from the WSJ and then a series of letters went on to raise hell about the anti-vaccination movement in California and elsewhere.Some of the explanation may be reasonable -- modern Americans, for…

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The (early) Lunch Wrap

WTI sub-$90 || Ted Baker likes the weather || Wonga writes of $220m || Jaguar to leap || IOC annoyed with Norway || Stocks off ahead of ECB Continue reading: The (early) Lunch Wrap

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Federal Judge Smacks CalPERS on Sanctity of Pensions; CalPERS Liens Null and Void

Exceptionally good news from California today: A federal judge ruled CALpers claim of "Sanctity of Pensions" is invalid. Today's ruling went even further than the bankrupt city of Stockton originally…

Oct 2 2014 / Read More »
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