Rocket, missing boosters »

That’s a stock price of Rocket Internet GmbH — down 3 per cent at pixel time, but which had been down as much as 12.5 per cent as it started trading in Frankfurt on Thursday. Certainly no first-day pop. Maybe the message is getting through?Continue reading:…

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Further Reading »

Elsewhere on Thursday, - Those damn millennials - Fields of glorious wage inflation - The monster neutrinoContinue reading: Further Reading

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Gold Is “Universally Acceptable” and Why China Is Buying - Greenspan »

Gold Is “Universally Acceptable” and Why China Is Buying  - GreenspanAlan Greenspan, former Chairman of the Fed, had an article entitled…

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Ilargi: Europe Is Crumbling Into Collapse »

Yves here. The word "collapse" may seem overwrought when applied to Europe, but cold-blooded, clear eyed colleagues who have good…

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Why Is the U.S. Government Dictatorial Towards Dissenters ... But Welcoming Ebola Carriers With Open Arms? »

3 Supreme Court justices, 2 top level NSA executives, numerous Democratic and Republican Congress members and other top American officials…

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Federal Judge Smacks CalPERS on Sanctity of Pensions; CalPERS Liens Null and Void »

Exceptionally good news from California today: A federal judge ruled CALpers claim of "Sanctity of Pensions" is invalid. Today's ruling…

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The 6am London Cut »

Mario Draghi is unlikely to talk much about the euro on Thursday when he sets out details of an asset-buying plan intended to deliver an adrenalin shot to Europe’s faltering economy. But investors believe currency depreciation is the only real weapon eurozone policy makers can…

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Kansas: Continued Budget Hemorrhaging »

With lagging economic growth, and the massive tax cuts, revenues are falling below projection. From The Topeka Capital Journal today: Tax collections by Kansas state government in September fell a sobering $21 million below projections to mark the fourth time in the past six…

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The Ethics Of Disease Control »

Submitted by Logan Albright via Mises Canada, As the threat of the ebola virus looms large and the Center for Disease Control issues what are undoubtedly hyperbolic projections of over a million casualties to the disease by January, we owe it to ourselves as libertarians to…

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Argentine Central Bank Chief Quits in Currency Dispute; Hyperinflation On the Way? »

On Tuesday evening, Argentine President Cristina Fernández accused Juan Carlos Fábrega, head of Argentina’s central bank, of "provoking a devaluation of the peso".In response Head of Argentine Central…

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Meet The 17-Year-Old Leader Of The Hong Kong Protests

Joshua Wong is too young to drive or buy a drink in a bar – let alone vote – yet, as The Guardian reports, has become the face of the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong and an inspiration to citizens…

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"Not A Good Sign" Argentine Stocks, Bonds Crash As Central Bank Chief Resigns

Just a day after Argentine President Cristina Kirchner, in a televised speech, accused central bank employees of helping local bankers to speculate against the Argentine peso in hopes of forcing the government…

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How New Jersey's Creeping Wage Hikes Are Crippling Mom-And-Pop Restaurants

Another day, another unintended consequence of the socialist state's eagerness to "make things better" for everyone, blowing up in its face. For today's anecdote we go to New Jersey where legislation…

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