FT Opening Quote – BP profits slump as oil price falls »

Fresh from its Deepwater Horizon settlement, BP is back in deep water with results that show profits diving on the sliding oil price. FT Opening Quote, with commentary this week by deputy head of Lex Oliver Ralph, is your early City briefing. You can…

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Yanis and his Plan B, in the FT »

As I was handing over the reins of the finance ministry to my friend Euclid Tsakalotos on July 6, I presented a full account of the ministry’s projects, priorities and achievements during my five months in office. The new payments system outlined here…

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The US in Recession? The World? »

This headline “US Recession Imminent – Durable Goods Drop For 5th Month, Core CapEx Collapses”, following on “Forget Recession: According…

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Further reading »

Elsewhere on Tuesday, - Yanis: his “demeanor had sometimes given his tenure the air of a five-month-long TED talk.” - “Let women fall…

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FirstFT – Volatility in Chinese markets, killer robots and Google gives up »

China's benchmark stock index pared losses to 1 per cent by midday on Tuesday Continue reading: FirstFT – Volatility in Chinese markets,…

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Who Am I to Disagree? »

From WaPo: “Wisconsin’s doing terribly. It’s in turmoil. The roads are a disaster because they don’t have any money to rebuild them.…

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Municipal Madness »

From the Slope of Hope: Only a government employee could point to a 99.5% failure rate and declare it a success. Look no farther than my local newspaper this morning: the city of Menlo Park (which is an affluent superb like Palo Alto, but even whiter and more sheltered) spent…

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Here We Go Again... »

There's a new Cholesterol drug on the market from Regeneron that is supposed to low cholesterol in those people who either can't take statins (because of their side effects) or can't take enough of them (for the same reason.)The problem with this drug is that the screamers are…

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Remember This Play? »

Some of you remember my articles a while back on Sprint; I was convinced the company was a good buy and stuck my neck out when everyone else thought they were swirling the bowl.I proved to be right, but then a disrupting force came in through M&A -- and I got out.  I was asked…

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Global Plunge Protection Team Rescues Chinese Stocks Back To Unchanged At Break »

In what appears like a coordinated USDJPY-driven intervention, the Panic Plunge Protection Team has swung into action not once but twice tonight so far. After China opened down between 5% and 7%, and…

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Introducing "Trickle-Out Oligarch Economics" - How Over $21 Trillion In Wealth Fled Offshore

Submitted by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog, Before I get into the meat of this post, I want to make it clear that just because I point out the following doesn’t mean I like tax and think we…

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When Scary Headlines Don't Scare - Climbing The Wall Of Complacency

From "Scary Headlines Don't Deter Investors" by Bernard Condon, originally posted by Associated Press, The U.S. economy is growing at a painfully slow pace. Greece still threatens the euro. Chinese stocks…

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Why Greece May Want To Reconsider Reopening Its Stock Market

As The Greek government presses The ECB for 'permission' to reopen its stock market, it may want to reconsider. GREK, the Greek Stock Index ETF trading in US markets, is down over 3% today and has plunged…

Jul 27 2015 / Read More »
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