I Pledge Allegiance... »

Submitted by The Dissident Dad via Mike Krieger's Liberty Blitzkrieg blog, Remember those weird kids who didn’t say the Pledge of Allegiance in school? They either sat down or just stood up silently. I sure do. Most likely for religious reasons, but…

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Looking for a Good Education at a Low Price, Perhaps Free? Head to Europe »

On June 7, 2014 I wrote Looking to Drastically Reduce College Costs? Study Abroad!Yesterday, a writer for the Washington Post expressed the same opinion.Please consider 7 countries where Americans can study at universities, in English, for free (or almost…

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Goldman, Morgan Stanley Warn European QE, While Fully Priced In, Is Neither Imminent Nor Likely »

On balance, Morgan Stanley feels that broad-based QE, (i.e. large-scale purchases of government bonds) is further away for the ECB…

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Careful What You Wish For: Plunging Yen Leads To 140% Surge In Bankruptcies »

Due to the depreciation of the JPY, leading to soaring raw material costs (crushing SME profitability), TSR reports that Japanese…

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The Dollar Decline Continues: China Starts Direct Convertibility With Asia's #1 Financial Hub »

Submitted by Simon Black via Sovereign Man blog, Earlier this week some of the biggest financial news of the year made huge waves…

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Disillusioned Millennials Dump Democrats, Blame Obama »

In a sad reflection of the hope-and-change expectations, a new national poll shows likely voters in the so-called millennial generation…

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Hillary Clinton: "Businesses Don't Create Jobs" – Why She's Never Been More Wrong »

Via Future Money Trends, Narcissism in politics is nothing new, but it is absolutely disgusting and scary that this person is a hero in the minds of millions of Americans. “Businesses don’t create jobs,” according to Hillary Clinton. Apparently she missed the entire 1990s when…

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3-D map of the adolescent universe »

Source: Science Daily From Science Daily: 3D map of the cosmic web at a distance of 10.8 billion years from Earth, generated from imprints of hydrogen gas observed in the spectrum of 24 background galaxies behind the volume. This is the first time that large-scale structures…

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All Of These Items Point To a Collapse in the Markets »

The primary drivers of asset prices are the economy and corporate earnings.   Unfortunately, both are indicating future weakness.   If you want a somewhat accurate measure of GDP growth, you need to ignore the headline GDP numbers an look at nominal GDP.   The reason for this…

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Putin To Western Elites: Play-Time Is Over »

Via Club Orlov blog, Most people in the English-speaking parts of the world missed Putin's speech at the Valdai conference in Sochi a few days ago, and, chances are, those of you who have heard of the…

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Mark Thornton on the European Debt Crisis

PressTV Reports: Over the past several years, most of the attention of the eurozone debt crisis has been focused on the economic struggles of Greece, Spain and Portugal and without a doubt things will…

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Thank You US Taxpayers: Russia-Ukraine Agree Terms On Gas-Supply Through March

Good news for the cold-showering, snow-covered Ukrainians... Russia has reached an interim agreement to supply natural gas to Ukraine through March according to Bloomberg. Of course, this will be paid…

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SEC Might, Might Not Be Doing Its Job Vis-à-Vis Bitcoin

There are things at which the Securities and Exchange Commission should probably have a look. Like, say, the unregistered issuance of securities by companies dealing in fake currencies. You know, just…

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Broken Stocks, Battered Bullion, & Bruised Crude

If a broken window is good for the Keynesian economy, then today's broken market (worse than the 2013 Nasdaq blackout) was certainly good for stocks as exchanges broke left and right, futures volume exploded…

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