Money Manager’s Warning: ‘The Bull Move Has Lasted So Long Nobody Can See Its End’ »

“Here’s when US equity and bond markets will change direction,” Cali Money Man grumbled a few days ago. He is a wealth manager and has been on the job at brokerage firms and large banks through three phenomenal crashes. Unlike others, he hasn’t forgotten…

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The Midterm Election: Prospects For A Republican Senate Majority »

Via Goldman Sachs' Jan Hatzius, The primary election campaign season unofficially concluded Tuesday (Aug. 19) with the outcome of the Alaska Senate primary, which was the last key nomination contest prior to the general election. While there were a…

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Trouble In Socialist Paradise: Maduro Rating Plummets As Shoppers Prepare To Be Fingerprinted »

It appears Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has run out of other people's money. Just 8 months after his exuberant 60% approval…

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Pakistan Opposition Leader Slams US: "You Like Only Those Governments In Muslim Countries That Are Your Slaves" »

It is no secret that of all geopolitical crises in the past 5 years, the US has been the instrumental puppetmaster in virtually all…

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30 Facts That Prove The American Middle-Class Is Being Destroyed »

Submitted by Michael Snyder of The Economic Collapse blog, The 30 statistics that you are about to read prove beyond a shadow of a…

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"Disturbing Pattern" Continues, Administration Broke The Law With Bergdahl Swap, GAO Says »

"In our view, the meaning of the (law) is clear and unambiguous," the nonpartisan Government Accountability Office (GAO) wrote, The…

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Artist's Impression Of President Obama's Urgent Matters In Washington »

Presented with no comment...     Source: Investors

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Source: Business Insider

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Liberian Police Open Fire On Ebola Protesters »

Police in the Liberian capital fired live rounds and tear gas on Wednesday to disperse a stone-throwing crowd trying to break an Ebola quarantine imposed on their neighbourhood. As Reuters reports, at least four people were injured in clashes with security forces, witnesses…

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The Stunning Charts Showing Just How Much Richer The Rich Have Gotten While The Poor Drown In Debt »

The Fed's epic wealth redistribution scheme has gotten so simple, even a 5 year old Census Bureau employee gets it. In the latest Household Wealth report by the government agency, the Census found that…

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Ukraine Central Bank "Friends" USDollar Sellers, Posts 'Failed' FX Intervention On Facebook

Forget Bloomberg, ignore Reuters, dismiss that 'well-informed trader' source... Ukraine's Central Bank has decided that critical medium for expressing its desperation to stop the collapse of its currency…

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Write-Offs: 08.21.14

$$$ U.S. Judge Says Argentina’s Debt Swap Proposal Is Illegal [WSJ] $$$ Central Bankers Wrestle With Easy Money Amid Uneven Global Recovery [WSJ] $$$ Millennial Bankers Get Raises as Firms Fight Defections…

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The Closer

FURTHER FURTHER READING - “The past 60 years of data suggest that large increases in bond risk premiums are independent of the recent level or change in risk premiums”Continue reading: The Closer

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And Another Reason Why Bonds Just Refuse To Sell Off

In addition to the countless other reason already presented here over the past year why the bond market simply refuses to sell (scarcity of "high quality collateral", shadow banking lubrication, fears…

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