America, Wake The Hell Up »

Folks, there is exactly one way you're going to put a stop to this sort of nonsense:At the end of October, IT employees at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts were called, one-by-one, into conference rooms to receive notice of their layoffs. Multiple conference…

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Build Your Own Ferrari 488 GTB »

I love this configure your own Ferrari tool: Source: Ferrari After the jump you can see what it looks like when you configure your…

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The Investor Arbitration Clauses in TPP Are Indeed Very Bad »

Compensation for "lost profits" really means "minimizing political risk" for corporations by gutting the ability of democratic governments…

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An Assessment of the State of the World Economy »

Complex forces are shaping macroeconomic evolutions around the world. In this column, IMF’s Chief Economist Olivier Blanchard describes…

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Kansas Short Term Economic Outlook: Not So Great »

Here’s the Philadelphia Fed’s revamped coincident index and the six month forecast for Kansas economic activity. Figure 1: Log coincident…

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French Unemployment At New Record Highs: Whom Do They Blame? »

While ECB president Mario Draghi brags his economic policy of negative interest rates is working, I ask for whom?On April 23, 2015 I noted Spain's Unemployment Rate Increases to 23.7%; 114,300 Jobs Vanish in First Quarter, Public Sector Jobs Rise. Let's now turn our attention…

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.     . . .     . . .   THE REGISTER--According to local media reports Thursday, German intelligence agency BND (the Bundesnachrichtendienst) has helped the US National Security Agency (NSA) spy on the European Commission and French authorities since 2008. “When it comes…

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Filipinos Asked To Turn Off Fridges To Save Power For Pacquiao-Mayweather Fight »

If there is one thing more likely to incite wide-spread social unrest in the Philippines than watching Manny Pacquiao lose to Floyd Mayweather tonight, it is Filipinos not being able to watch it all... and that is why, as The South China Morning Post reports, residents of the…

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Paul Craig Roberts: "Insanity Grips The Western World" »

Authored by Paul Craig Roberts, Just as Karl Marx claimed that History had chosen the proletariat, neoconservatives claim that History has chosen America. Just as the Nazis proclaimed “Deutschland uber…

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Baltimore PD Releases Charged Cop Mugshots; Attorney Says Case Is "Politically Motivated"

Following two weeks week of growing anger over the death of Freddie Gray which led to violent riots in Baltimore, and peaceful protests from New York and Philadelphia all the way to the West Coast, yesterday…

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The Remarkable Life and Investing Lessons of Ronald Read

The remarkable life and lessons of Ronald Read, the $8 million janitor Barry Ritholtz Washington Post, April 26 2015       You may have read about the remarkable life and times of Ronald Read. He was…

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